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Style: Black
Product ID: Premium Jet Black
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Polished Surfaces Not Available 13mm ( ½ inch ) Honed Surfaces Available 20mm ( ¾ inch ) Viento Surfaces Available 30mm ( ¼ inch )
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Material Colour Zimbabwe Black granite is quarried from south Africa.This material is also known as Black Zimbabwe or Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe.
of Material
Zimbabwe Black granite is a fine grained black basalt (dolerite).This stone internationally may be known as a granite however this stone must be nominated as dolerite. The tight grain structure and density makes this material very hard and stain resistant, so perfect for kitchen worktops.
Colour Change and Variation in slabs This material remains very consistent but may have a slight brownish, barley visible print to the surface.Unusual patches and inconsistency are very rare with this natural material yet viewing of the actual slabs for your project is still recommended.
Material Type, Important Information.....
Granite is a natural product. The actual granite available may slightly differ both in shade and pattern from the pictures shown on our website. We actively encourage customers to visit our showroom, factory and stock yard to choose your granite slabs before fabrication.This ensures you get the right product and information on your selection every time.
We recommend that you do not buy granite over the internet or from samples sent in the post. Huge variations can occur not only between different slabs but in the slab its self, from one end
to the other.
When spending so much money on something that you will have for years its certainly worth investing the time and effort to get it right, first time-
in short -
always view the slabs that your wortkops will be made from !
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If you have any questions about this colour granite please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be pleased to help. Call us now on 01257 253069 for a free and impartial discussion and sound advice.
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