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Nature Created- Diamonds             Diresco Created- Diresco Stone
Diresco engineered stone is composed of resin and granite or quartz granulates. A unique manufacturing process bonds these two natural materials into an incredibly strong product that is comparable to diamond.
Diresco Stone is more scratch-, and water-resistant, stain proof, colourfast and frost- and corrosion-resistant than the most durable natural stone and has excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability.
With its colour collection, Diresco follows the worldwide trends. Most colours are always in stock so Diresco can fulfill every request flexibly and with short lead times.
A strong network of distributors all over the world ensures a maximum technical support
Diresco can also deal with large orders, taking into account its production capacity of 4,000 m² per working day
Like diamond, the most durable of natural stones,Diresco Stone has excellent properties.The quartz compound stone can be used without any problems in virtually any environment and under the most diverse conditions.

.The slabs are available in three thickness:12mm,20mm 30mm

and in three finishes:· Polished, Easy Clean (honed), Anticato (shot-blasted – not in all colours)

The standard size of our slabs is 300 x 140 cm

So the imagination of the designer is Diresco Stone’s only limit

Diresco Quartz - Applications ...........

Diresco Stone has a number of properties that are leading to strong growth for the product in the kitchen world right now. The scratch-resistance and impermeability make this stone ideal as a kitchen working surface. The Diresco colour range also goes perfectly with the trend toward even colours on kitchen working surfaces, such as even white, black, brown, beige, etc The Diresco quartz composite is being used increasingly in a variety of bathroom applications. Not only for bathroom furniture, but also for bathtub cladding, wall covering for showers and bathroom floors. For these applications, our anticato finish is often used. This finish scores best in terms of anti-slip qualities

Quartz composite is also becoming more popular as a tabletop. No longer restricted to the kitchen, where the same stone that has been used as the working surface is also used as a tabletop, but it is also making inroads in other surroundings, as well, such as meeting rooms, dining room tables, living room tables, etc. There are numerous shades of brown in the range that can be matched perfectly with wood or even white and black that can be combined with stainless steel or aluminium. The possibilities are endless In addition to all of the applications shown above, Diresco Stone is also being used a wide range of other interior-finishing applications. From floors to staircases to fireplace cladding. Its hardness gives the product top scores for wear-resistance. Our Belgian Blue, for example, which is a variation on Belgian bluestone, is much harder and scratch-resistant than real bluestone, which is why it is used a lot for floors, staircase and fireplace cladding.
diresco quartz worktop colours
Diresco Care and Maintenance.......

Diresco Stone is – even more than the most durable natural stone,highly scratch resistant,
waterproof, colour-fast and size-retaining, frost and corrosion-resistant, and has outstanding
mechanical strength.This "Engineered Stone” can be used without problems in virtually any environment and under the most diverse conditions. It can also be combined perfectly with other materials, such as stainless steel, stone, wood or glass. For more information on the care and maintenance please click the icon link to the left.

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