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Why Choose Technistone....?

Imagine a perfect, natural surface. Thanks to its zero porosity, it’s hygienic and extremely well suited for food processing. You can chop or process anything on it. You can even beat steaks or knead dough on it. You can walk on it. You needn’t worry about using it in your bathroom. It’s not just ideal for kitchen worktops, but also for bathroom tiling, stairs, windowsills and countless other interior uses. The product has virtually identical and in some respects even better characteristics than natural stone.
Technistone® will satisfy all your expectations.


What are the main benefits of Technistone®?

Technistone® is exceptionally hard, strong and durable.

Luxurious appearance
Its radiant look will optically expand and brighten your interiors.

Colour range
The wide range of available colours and textures will meet the expectations of even the

most demanding customers.

The stone surface is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, scratches and cuts.

Thanks to its zero porosity, Technistone® meets all hygienic requirements and is also very 

easy to maintain.

The colour and texture of each stone is unique.

For the Translucent and Fresh product lines.

The opportunity to realize your own design ideas and original solutions

Why Choose Finch's for your Technistone surfaces....?
Technistone 10 Year Warranty.....
Finch's are please to have met and exceeded technistones rigorous, demanding criteria to earn the Technistone quartz manufacturing seal of approval. This enables us the to fabricate and install all Technistones products to the highest standards possible.

Technistone, a.s. provides the guaranty of 10 years from the date of shipment on the slabs for interior household use for kitchens and vanity units for bathrooms.

The original manufacturer of the material Technistone provide the guaranty of 2 years from the date of shipment on tiles, special formats, and shop fabricated products.

Fantastic reassurance for you with the backing of an international company and the re-assurance of Finch's the U.K based, family run manufacturer of the highest quality workmanship.

For our trade partners dealing with exterior building Technistone, a.s. provides the guaranty of 5 years from the date of shipment on the slabs installed into publicly accessible interior spaces


Maintenance & Cleaning of Technistone...

Cleaning of the product in households (kitchen countertops, tables..)

Products used in households do not require any special protection: simply wipe them with warm water or use your usual household non-abrasive agents, e.g. Techniset Orange cleaner. When more vigorous cleaning is needed (e.g. removing old fat around the hob, furring around the sink, etc.) the above agents can also be used. After which we recommend washing the product surface with soap and clean water! Sustained and unnecessary exposure to aggressive cleaning agents will probably erode the product surface. The product surface (especially its polished surface finish) is not resistant to long-term exposure to strong alkalis (NaOH, KOH, etc.) nor is it resistant to even short-term exposure to fluorhydric acid (HF). These chemicals are contained in some cleaning agents available on the market. Therefore, for cleaning surfaces it is important to use only products that are suited for cleaning of engineered stone; these may not be identical to cleaning agents for natural granites or ceramics.

Cleaning thoseproducts subject to heavy use (shops, bars, etc.)

In general, we recommend that cleaning and maintenance, especially of larger surfaces, is carried out by a specialized company experienced in maintaining Technistone® products or engineered stone. That being said, here are a few important principles:

·         For cleaning tiles with high levels of ingrained dirt, use the recommended products and not mixtures of chemicals (lye, hydrochloric acid, hypochlorite, etc.). Before using your chosen cleaning or protecting agent (especially when using industrial cleaning agents for cleaning floor tiles), you should test it on a small area and only carry out the overall application after evaluating the results once the product has dried!

·         For protecting Technistone® products with this type of heavy use we recommend the use of protection and impregnation agents. Protection and impregnation agents are always applied to clean and dry surfaces.

·         When the product is expected to suffer increased mechanical load combined with a greater presence of abrasive and liquid contaminants, we recommend installing a cleaning zone (brushes) in areas situated in front of the surface. Especially in winter, such a zone collects a large amount of impurities and in this way protects the product surface and prevents any rapid wearing away of the protective wax layer. It is recommended to install cleaning zones especially in shops, offices, halls and corridors with a direct street entrance.

Machine cleaning of floor products

Where the product is situated on the floor, we recommend the following equipment for machine cleaning: a one-disk floor washer with 200 – 300 rpm (for all operations), water vacuum cleaner or water extractor, nylon pads with boar bristle (for washing), white PAD LUX (for applying and polishing over) and a microfilament mop in an aluminium construction for applying and spreading waxes and impregnations.

We recommend that cleaning and maintenance, especially of larger surfaces, is carried out by a specialized company experienced in maintaining Technistone® products or engineered stone.

Special surface finishing (products with honed, slate and brushed surface)

We recommend the use of protection and impregnation agents for the protection of products with these types of surface finishing. We also recommend the use of protection and impregnation agents to protect products with heavy use. Impregnation must be renewed according to the amount of dirt. We recommend that a specialized company carry out the impregnation and creation of a protective layer.

Protecting and impregnating agents are applied and spread by a microfilament mop. Excess agents must be wiped away. After the protection or impregnation coat is dry, it is then polished over. When the polishing is carried out by machine, only ever use disks with artificial fibres (PAD LUX) and never disks with steel wires

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